These privacy rules are effective from 1 of January, 2011. The translation of this privacy in English is being displayed for information purposes only. Privacy Bamio which is binding and establishing your agreement with this website is the Spanish version

This section of privacy regulates the access and the use of online services hosted the names (Bamio and all its subdomais and extensions)so all content, services or products in the same be displayed or made available to users.

This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand how we collect and use personal information you voluntarily choose to share and help you make responsible decisions while you are browsing Bamio.

The owner of the previous domains is the mercantile company Bamio Network S.L. residing in Jaén and registered at the Mercantile Register of Jaén in the Sheet J-17333 of Volume 451 of Book 0 Sheet 132 and CIF. B23643661. The purpose of Bamio is to offer various forms of entertainment and organization of events through the network, stablishing a network of contacts where users have a place to organize their events, share personal information through their profiles and participate in the events that they want. The information the user offers about himself on the web will identify with the other users.

According to the Organic Law 15/1999 of December the 13th on the "Protection of Personal Data" (hereinafter referred to as LOPD), Bamio Network S.L., as the owner of this website informs the user of the existence of a computerised personal data file created by Bamio and under his responsability in order to manage and the maintenance of regisered users of Bamio through different forms. Data provided voluntarily will be incorporated into a personal data file, duly recorde in the General Registry of Data Protection.

The use of this website gives you the status of user (hereinafter "User") and implies that you accept fully and without reservation all and each of the terms of this Privacy and Terms of Use published by Bamio at all times you access the page.

Bamio is a registered community trademark and especially the bee, that is part of the site, is contained in the body also registered Community trademark. Therefore, Bamio Network S.L. is the owner for everybody of Bamio brand and the bee is part of this site. We are not aware any authorisation to use hte brand or the bee in any web portal, TV, paper, or any support.

All brands of Bamio, logos, desings, texts, images, forms, databases, software, headers, buttons, to exist in Bamio are image brands of national and international Bamio. Bamio shall not grant any authorisation and are therefore prhohibited any form of reproduction, diffusion and parcial use in any support.

Purpose: data collection

That is why we are asking your real name, your e-mail, date of birth (optional), your home city (optional), web/bloh (optional) and your favourite activities (optional), is to identify the user of Bamio, give you access to Bamio and lend you the service. We use personal information you provide to us.

  • Manage all users who make Bamio.
  • Manage the platform that allows all the contacts.
  • Make it easier to communicate with other users in accordance with your wishes.
  • Provide communications with news and opportunities.
  • Provide information via the website or via electronic communication, on products and services Bamio and / or third parties that Bamio deemed of interest to the user community who make Bamio.

The data you provide us is stored and managed in a database ownership of Bamio and we reassure you that we have made the necessary technical measures, organization and suitable structures to protect the integrity and security of the information you provide us. Data requested by Bamio are appropiate, relevant and not excessive in accordance with the purposes of service that we will serve you.

En caso de que seas MENOR DE EDAD, y así nos conste en función del año de nacimiento que nos hayas indicado en el formulario de registro, haremos los mayores esfuerzos para no utilizar estos datos para fines inadecuados a tu edad, y tramitaremos las solicitudes que tus padres o tutores tienen sobre el derecho a acceder, cancelar, rectificar u oponerse a los datos que nos has proporcionado.

If you are MINOR, and so we know in terms of the date of birth that you have indicated in the registration form, we will make the greatest efforts to not use this data for unsuitable purposes of your age, and will process requests that your parents or guardians have the right to access, cancel or correct the data you have providad.

Your personal information you include in your profile, we use to show them to you when you acces to Bamio, also we use them to show them to your contacts in accordance with the privacy level you have made in the "Settings" - "Privacy" - "Privacy Options". We also use your data so that your contacts can leave notes or messages in your profiles.

Consent of user

To obtain a profile in Bamio you must first create a user account. To this end we ask the following information: name, birth date, e-mail and password. These data are marked as "required" in the registration process.

Once you register, you can complete your profile by clicking on the "Settings " - "My Profile" and you can add to your profile where you live, web / blog and favorite activities. Providing this additional information is voluntary, but you will increase your network of contacts and allow us to more accurately inform you of events in which you participate.

When you register by the use of the registration forms to ensure that personal data provided to Bamio are true, current and your property and you become responsible for communicating any changes to your listing.

Bamio has contracted the services of hosting and business accommodation in Dinahosting, S.L. based in Spain. Bamio may in future change the Provider or other service. By registering as user you agree that your data is hosted on servers hosted on this company and agree that Bamio act as the processor of your personal information.

Privacy level

Once you have registered Bamio you will have at your disposal a profile that contains your personal information and you can share on the web under your exclusive control.

We created Bamio in order to facilitate users to share information with friends, contacts and participate in own events or your own friends.

Since Bamio we are aware that you don't want to share your personal information around the world and that is why you have control of personal information displayed on your profile and visible by other users. "Settings"- "Privacy" - "Privacy Options".

Bamio provides you with appropriate security controls for under your only responsibility to decide who has access to your personal information. Please note that you exchange your personal information at your own risk and any user can access information you include in your profile according to the level of privacy. Be aware of security options that exist in your profile and act as a filter to access it. Please be aware that we exempt any responsability for any such claim.

As user you publish content on the website at your own risk. In Bamio we allow you to set privacy options that limit access to your profile according to your wishes, however, we can not guarantee that the content you post will not be seen by unauthorized persons. We are not responsible for the actions of other users and they can: Circumventing security measures, copy content visible in other profiles, storing information pertaining to other users against the provisions of our rules. If you ever have knowledge of any act contrary to our rules you must report it to our Customer Care Service. You can contact our Customer Care Service for different ways:

  • Settings - My Profile - Submit a suggestion.
  • About Bamio - Send us a message.
  • All pages - Send us a message.

According to the registration process in Bamio, you consent to disclose your personal information to anyone else who is involved in Bamio, according to the level of privacy you have accepted.

The characteristics of the Privacy Bamio are:

  • You have a direct link to their profile.
  • For general searches on any search engine available your profile depending on the level of privacy you have chosen. In any case, you can determine your level of privacy in the non-locality (indexing) to your profile by search engines.
  • For general searches made by other registered users profiles Bamio not generally have access to user profiles. The only information that is shared fully and displayed as a presentation is the name, provenance and photo if you decide to make as a main photo.
  • Depending on the option you set up your profile, other users may or may not access your personal information. You can also choose who, without having or not access your personal information may or may not send messages.
  • Bamio has a personal notification service, and you can set your profile if you wish to receive or not communications to your email regarding news, opportunities and events in Bamio. This limitation does not include notifications on the user account.

You can determine on your profile:. "Settings"- "Privacy" - "Privacy Options".

  • Profile
    • Can see my profile - Just Friends - All - Friends of Friends
    • Can write in my profile - Just Friends - All - Friends of Friends
    • May send private messages - Just Friends - All - Friends of Friends
    • Can see my contacts - Just Friends - All - Friends of Friends
    • Can chat with me - Just Friends - All - Friends of Friends
  • Events
    • Can invite me to events - Just Friends - All - Friends of Friends
    • Public events can see where he participated - Just Friends - All - Friends of Friends
    • Appear in "social" Bamio - Yes - No
  • Pictures and Videos
    • Can see my pictures and videos - Just Friends - All - Friends of Friends
    • Can see comments in my pictures and videos - Just Friends - All - Friends of Friends
    • Can write comments on my photos and videos - Just Friends - All - Friends of Friends
  • Pictures and Videos
    • Allow indexing of my profile in search engines - Yes - No


Bamio directs its services to over 14 YEARS. If you are under 14 years you are not authorized to use our services and should not therefore send your personal data.

If it gets to our knowledge the collection of data from a child under 14 without the consent of their parents or guardians, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you think we may need information from a child under 14 years contact us via our Customer Care Service.

If you are between 14 and 18 we recommend that you seek the consent of your parents or guardians at the time of transmitting information to third parties with whom you have contacted via this website. Any abuse or violation of this Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and in particular those involving minors must be reported immediately to Bamio.

Parents or guardians must protect their children from certain content on the Internet. To this software can be installed on your computer to filter internet content according to the age of their children.

If your are minor, then you are some risks to avoid:

  • You must not access the published content inappropriate nature at your age.
  • You must take precautions and / or seek consent from your parents or guardians before the make contact online, and even in person, with malicious users. You should never be with people you have known in the online world, and in any event, accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • You must not transmit personal information graphically without knowing the risks previously associated with this fact.
  • You should never provide personal information to strangers. To do this properly we recommend you determine your level of privacy in your profile.
  • You must not communicate to others your username and password, and share them with friends or classmates. These data are private and should not be disclosed to third parties and / or unknown.
  • If you detect an unpleasant or illitic behavior by another user, you should inform your parents or guardians and reporting to the user within Bamio, so we can take appropriate action with respect to it via internal means Bamio.
  • You must not provide information to your family and friends.


As user, you are entitled to access your personal information provided in the registration process, rectify, if the details are incorrect or have changed, to oppose to them or unsubscribe from Bamio services. To terminate your account you can access the "Settings"- "My Profile" - Cancel your account.

These rights can make them effective automated through own personal settings for your user profile. In case of problems doing this online, for any doubt or dispute about our Data Protection Policy you can go to: Bamio Network SL, Telephone 953-89-44-25 or through forms available on page. You can also contact our Customer Care Service in the following ways:

  • Settings - My Profile - send a suggestion
  • About Bamio - Send a Message
  • All pages - Send a Message

The processing of personal data and send electronic communications are adjusted to the rules set by Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (BOE 14/12/1999) and Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (BOE 12/07/2002) and its implementing regulations.


Bamio informs to users that has adopted the necessary technical and organizational regulations established to ensure the security of personal data and avoid its alteration, lost, or unauthorized access, taking into account the state of current technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks they are exposed and subject to inform you that the Internet security measures are not foolproof, all in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, which approves the Regulation implementing Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data and other control procedures for the security of information systems.

Bamio takes precautions to protect user information. The profile information is stored on a secure server, which has the most advanced security measures. When you enter the personal information encrypted using SSL technology. Because email and instant messaging communications are not considered safe, we pray that we do not send private information from any of these media.


When you visit Bamio provide us with two types of information. On the one hand voluntarily provide us your personal data and on the other hand, provide us with usage information we collect as you browse Bamio.

Cookies are small data files that are hosted on your pc terminal, visiting Bamio, and they contain some information about the visit to the website. Bamio uses cookies only to facilitate navigation for users and in no case be possible to associate these cookies with personal data specific user or to identify them through those.

By accessing Bamio borrows your consent to the use of cookies and IP tracking in Bamio. These cookies allow us to obtain data for statistical purposes such as date of first visit, number of times you have visited, date of last visit, URL and domain, browser used and screen resolution. However, if you want you can disable and / or delete these cookies using the instructions in your browser. From Bamio not use spamming techniques and will only process the data you submit through registration forms or email messages.

The announcements appearing on Bamio can be served directly by third party advertisers. These advertisers may also download cookies on your pc or use other technologies to measure the effectiveness of their announcements and to personalize your content. Bamio not have access or control of the cookies that may store these advertisers, and these advertisers have no access to your personal information. The processing of personal data, and the sending of commercial communications by electronic means, are in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (BOE of 14 December 1999) and Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (BOE of 12 July 2002).

Electronic communications

To fill out the form to register lend us your express consent to send a newsletter, news, events and more relevant information. It also provides your consent to send electronic communications the following:

  1. Newsletter Service on developments, events, people, opinion articles, promotions and other content Bamio consider relevant to the user. These shipments can determine how often you receive them.
  2. Alert services on mobile communications to your mobile phone number informing you of promotions related to Bamio.
  3. Alert coincidental profiles: One is communication through email or sms informing of the possible affinities with other users Bamio including news and events.
  4. Bamio has established automated mechanisms to modify or eliminate these services in a simple, fast and free both at the bottom of the message as in your user profile, but in any event we reserve the right to send notices about your account even if you have chosen not receive any notification on your email.

As a registered user in Bamio, you can invite friends to join, events or activities that you organize or participate through an email invitation through our automated invitation system. This invitation is just a vehicle that offers you Bamio so that if you wish, you can offer your contacts the opportunity to participate in events in which you participate by registering at Bamio.

By sending this invitation does not imply by itself the registration on the website register your contacts by normal procedures through the registration forms. The data you enter in your invitations are not addressed by Bamio and you should be aware that the recipient will respond in front of your invitation for any claims it might make a Bamio, exonerating the latter from all liability which might arise from this invitation.

If a friend sends you a message or write in your notes or messages on your profile, you may receive an email notification of Bamio.


From the "Settings" - "Notifications" you can set the notifications you want to be in three categories:

  • Changes in profiles, groups and contacts:
    • When you make a comment on my public profile.
    • When I send a friend request.
    • When I invite a group.
    • When I accept a group.
    • When I was sent to a group.
    • When applying to join a group that I manage.
    • When you receive a message or private.
  • Changes and event notifications:
    • When I am invited to an event.
    • When you comment on events in which I participate.
    • When you cancel an event in which I participate.
    • When an event is confirmed.
    • When modifying an event in which I participate.
    • When is a day for the event..
  • Changes in pictures and videos:
    • When I tagged in photos or videos.
    • When you comment on my pictures or videos.
    • When you comment on where I have already mentioned.


Bamio may contain links to other websites. Obviously we are not responsible for the actions of third parties to Bamio and privacy practices. We recommend that when you leave Bamio stay attentive and read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of each web sites that collect personal information. This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected by Bamio.

Change of owner

In case of acquisition, fusion or any other causes that lead to the change in owner of the site and the service provided by Bamio in its entirety, one or more sections or most of the Web, explicitly aware that your registration and your personal information is transferred by Bamio the new owner, whether domestic or foreign, duty on our part to communicate it early enough in advance.

Modification of privacy

From Bamio we reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy to conform to legal or jurisprudential developments as well as the internet changes.

In this course advertised on the web to introduce changes with reasonable notice before implementation. If you continue using our services Bamio and, once communicated this change will mean that you accept the new changes.

Applicable law

Bamio met in the processing of personal data of its users with current legislation in Spain and the European Union, in particular the Law on Data Protection and legislation development. To do this takes technical and organizational measures necessary to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal data, given the state of technology, the nature of the data and the risks that are exposed./P>

The current legislation should determine the laws that govern and the jurisdiction should be aware of the claims between Bamio and the users of this website. Nevertheless, in cases where existing legislation that provides for the possibility for the parties to submit to jurisdiction given Bamio and user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may be entitled, subject to the Courts and Tribunals the city of Jaén (Spain).

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