Terms of Use

We designed these terms of use to help you understand how we collect and use information you post on Bamio, plus you can see what you can do and can not do in Bamio. We encourage you to read our terms of use and our privacy policy and use the information we show you to make informed decisions. The translation of this terms in English is being displayed for information purposes only. Terms Bamio which is binding and establishing your agreement with this website is the Spanish version

What is Bamio?.

Bamio is a tool that lets you organize your social activities and events, both personally and professionally. Attends a sports activity which you have been invited, it is organizing a trip for leisure or for work anywhere, is where to take the beers on Friday with friends ... share your activity.

Bamio offers users a tool to interact with other users in the online environment to perform acts and actions that have effects in the offline world. You can find others who share your same tastes and interests, generate feedback about where it will hold an event and find the best places to celebrate your activities.


Bamio will make available a mobile version that lets you access, your space, from any mobile device, so easy that it's like being on your computer!. You can access version management through http://m.bamio.com, once implemented. Until the implementation of the mobile version, you can access from your mobile to Bamio through http://es.bamio.com address.

Bamio offers this service for free. However, your telephone operator may charge for mobile data traffic on your phone, depending on the service contract. Check the price list of your telephone operator.

Legal Advice.

Terms of Use stated below regulate access and use of the site hosted under the names of (bamio.com, www.bamio.es, www.bamio.net, www.bamio.eu, es.bamio.com , m.bamio.com .... etc.) and all its subdomains. Well as all content, services or products in the same show or make available to users.

Bamio, like the bee that is part of the site, is registered in the Community body marks. Therefore BAMIO S.L. NETWORK is the owner for all the world brand bee Bamio and forming part of this site. Therefore, we do not grant any permission to use them in any website, television, paper, or any other media.

Collection and processing of personal data that you supply us and the exercise of rights under Spanish law recognizes you will be regulated in the section "Privacy Policy"section of this site.

To access the site Bamio.com or any of the above sites, use the site or create an event, signify that you have read and understood and agree to abide by these Terms of Use, Privacy and Help on this site. The term "Terms of Use" includes both the General Standards and Specific Standards for each section, area and / or service.

Our services are free in Bamio. However, some of the services rendered or provided by third parties are required to pay a price in the manner set forth in its case in the relevant Conditions of Service.

From Bamio we reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete exclusively to these Terms of Use at any time. When this happens, this will notify the Web, the changes to be made prior to its implementation. Changes in the Terms of Use will be posted on this page to review date

Once you have changed the Terms of Use Bamio,you continue using your acceptance of the new Terms of Use. If you do not accept the new Terms of Use, you will be excluded from this site and you can unsubscribe at the service by following the procedure automatic low .

To access Bamio you become responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms of Use carefully as they contain information about your rights, your legal obligations and the means to enforce those rights.

These Terms of Use contain your rights, obligations, limitations and exclusions from the moment you access Bamio. As your relationships with other users Bamio, and the terms of resolution of conflicts and their resolution mode.

These Terms of Use are not an obstacle to Bamio other Conditions set for the recruitment or use of some services or products offered to the users on this website.

These Terms of Use are originally issued in Spanish. We plan to issue these Terms in other languages ​​for informational purposes only. If there is a discrepancy or inaccuracy, including the Spanish version and the version in another language, is only valid, legally binding and only version that regulates your relationship with Bamio, the Spanish version.

Bamio Network.

The owner of the domain, previously defined in the legal notice is the trading company Bamio Network SL residing in Jaén and recorded in the Register of Jaén in the Road J-17 333 of Volume 451 of Book 0, Folio 132 and CIF. B23643661.

The purpose of BAMIO is to offer various forms of entertainment and event management through the network, establishing a network of contacts where users have a place to organize your events, organize their activities and share personal information over their profiles or participate in the events they want. The information you volunteer about yourself in the Web will identify with the other users.

According to the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter, Act), Bamio Network SL, as the owner of this Web site informs you of the existence of a automated file of personal data and registered Bamio created by the Data Protection Agency with the registration code number 2091680005. This file has been created by Bamio under their responsibility in order to perform management and maintenance of registered users Bamio through various forms.

If you use and access to this site, you agree fully and unreservedly all and every provision of these Terms of Use, Conditions for each service, Help, and the Privacy Policy published by Bamio.

Your responsibilities for access and use the contents of Bamio.


When you acces Bamio you ensure us that you over 14 and you are responsible for the age you say have, to access and properly use BAMIO agree to these Terms of Use, the current National and International Law, the principles of good faith, public order and morality, and undertake to respect others users .

If you are minor 14 you can not use BAMIO, we do not authorize you to register, and if you unfulfilled them, such breach these Terms of Use. So if you are under 14 years old, you must leave this site and you must not send us your personal information. Please, if you know that a child under 14 years old is registered in Bamio, you must inform us inmediately.

If you are between 14 and 18 you must have the consent of your parents or legal guardians to transmit information of any third parties with whom you have contacted through this Web.

You can not access BAMIO in cases where this is prohibited. These are some examples:

  • Not use Bamio if you are UNDER 14 YEARS OLD.
  • Not use Bamio if you have been convicted of a sex crime.
  • Not use Bamio for illegal acts, illicit acts, deceptions, falseness, etc.
  • Not use Bamio to disturb others.


In the registration process has to provide certain information by a registration form (Registration Data). Registration Data is your real name, real name, e-mail, password and birth date.

Once you have registered, you can complete your profile with your city of residence, web / blog and favourite activities.

To register in Bamio, it is necessary you read and understand our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Help, and you give us your consent to treat your personal data through the box that you accept our rules listed on the registration form.

The information you provide us on the registration process must meet the following requirements:

  • You access to supply yourreal name and correct and complete registry database (accurate, current and complete information).
  • You access tokeep and refresh promptly your registration and any other information you provide us. Your profile information is available and you can have it changed at any time.
  • You are the oneresponsible for your account in Bamio and the actions that you make using your account.
  • You are responsible for maintainingsecurity of your ID and password in Bamio as well as not under any circumstances let your contacts, friends etc. ..
  • If you know or suspect your Bamio profile or your password is being used by another person you must notify us immediately

You agree to comply with the rules of Bamio and you will be required by Bamio, at any time, for your age authenticate yourself by providing a photocopy of your ID or equivalent document legally established under the laws of your country of origin. If you do not provide us the documents we require, within the period specified by us, we may suspend or terminate your user profile Bamio

Data document, that you provide, will be used solely to verify your age and will never be treated by Bamio.

It is forbidden use false identities, to impersonate the personality from another person, to provide inaccurate or false data in the registration process or at later time.

Bamio may at any time, verify any of the information they provide and we are entitled to suspend your profile while we make the necessary verifications. Once the checks and if we find verifications and appropriate evidences you supply personalitiy, you used a false identity, inaccurate identity, incomplete or it has not been to verify your identity, we permanently delete your profile, reserving the ability to inform the law enforcement agencies any violations of existing legislation for the use of false identity impersonation involving the commission of a crime under Spanish law.

Especially Bamio shall notify the law enforcement identity theft that could result in the commission of a crime, in particular, of the crime defined in Article 401 of the Penal Code.

Bamio is entitled to:

  • Immediately suspend the service provided.
  • Immediately remove any allegedly illegal content instance of Bamio or at the request of any user.
  • Suspend and cancel any profile for any user who violates these Terms of Use, Bamio instance, any User or authority.

The suspension of service, the remove of any content, suspension or cancellation of any profile in any case shall not be entitled toany compensation .

Use of the site.

You are obliged to doa responsible use of Bamio, its contents and your relationships with other Site users. You are solely responsible for your use of Bamio and you must use in accordance with the purposes for which Bamio has been created. Bamio not responsible directly or indirectly by the misuse of the Site or its contents.

The designs, texts, graphics, images, videos, software, sounds, information, music and other files are the property of Bamio, its users or of their applicants, and have recognized all rights reserved . Except for the content you publish legally in Bamio, no content may be modified, copied, distributed, reproduced, downloaded, posted, sold or transmitted whole or in part without prior written consent of Bamio. At your own risk you assume the consequences, actions or damages resulting from access and use or content Bamio input, store, play or communicate.

Bamio gives you a limited license for personal and no commercial to access the site and content, download, print whenever you sign legally. With due respect to all Bamio property rights, the rights of any kind of other users or third parties directly or indirectly through this site.

If you do an unauthorized use can cause a breach of any legal rule, property rights or copyright. This limited license does not imply a license its intellectual property, copyright or third parties.

You do not have any license to reproduce the content of this siteelsewhere or website or to integrate the information contained in this site in another database or compilation. You can not insert a link, hyperlink, framing or similar, to redirect some Bamio content and / or Bamio profiles.

You may not use any robots or similar to extract content of this site. Any action to violate these Terms of Use, will result in automatic revocation of the limited license granted Bamio without prejudice to legal actions can be initiated to safeguard Bamio the Site or the rights of other users.

It is not being possible the total control of the comments, content, images, opinions, information and content Bamio as a user you are solely responsible for the information, images, content, opinions, input, transmit, display or receive through Bamio , and Bamio is not the responsibility and not identify with any opinion, image, comments or feedback.

Bamio perform all possible actions, technical and human, to observe, monitor and remove any content, images, opinion or information which could harm national legislation and international law and may limit the access of any content, images, opinion or information it disseminates or contents or opinions expressed racist, xenophobic, sexist, feminist, violent, defamatory, pornographic, or that are contrary to national law or international law, contrary to good faith or contrary to public policy.

This authority does not in any way the Bamio obligation to monitor the content that may be transmitted via the Web, but only an expression of willingness to avoid as much as possible through it can be poured into the Web content or opinions contrary to national or international law.

It is strictly forbbiden and, therefore, the consequences of your actions are your sole responsibility, access or use of Bamio and its contents for illegal or unauthorized, in particular, and without the following relationship to be exhaustive; the infringement in any form of fundamental rights established by the laws, to the honor, image and personal privacy and third family, especially minors, violation of secrecy of communications, copyright infringement or industrial or intellectual property, and it is prohibited from introducing viruses, corrupted files, or any program that may cause damage or alterations and the content, software or systems Bamio.

Bamio is entitled and will collaborate to put to the attention of law enforcement authorities any content, images, opinion or information that violates the above and particularly any abuse or violation of rights concerning children. Bamio does not guarantee that any User or third party outside Bamio and use this Site, it may infringe or violate any law, and urges users to report and communicate to Bamio any infringement or violation of any rights..

You can not send, at any time, unsolicited emails with massive character. The practics of Spam are not allowed. You can not send e-mail address to third parties without the consent of its owner. You can not capture data in order to send advertising or publicity, or advertising content or commercial content or promotion of any kind.

As a registered user of Bamio, you can invite friends to join, events or activities you organize or participate through an email invitation through our automated invitation system. This invitation is a simple vehicle that offers you Bamio so that if you wish, you can offer your contacts the opportunity to participate in events in which you participate by registering at Bamio. You must also make appropriate use of these invitations.

By sending this invitation does not imply by itself the Web Site registration must register your contacts by normal procedures through the registration forms. The data you enter in your invitations are not addressed by Bamio and you should be aware that you will answer against the recipient of your invitation for any claim that it could make to Bamio, releasing the latter from all liability which might arise from this invitation.

Low in Bamio.

To unsubscribe at Bamio have to access the "Settings", once inside the subcategory "My Profile " and choose "Cancel your account". Our system will ask password to confirm this action. This action is exercised automatically. However if you have a problem you can contact Bamio through our phone or e-mail.

Please note that if you resign in Bamio can not register again with your same account and lose all the information you have on Bamio.

Intellectual Property: Trademarks, Logos.

Bamio is a registered community trademark and especially the bee that is part of the site is contained in the body also registered Community trademark. Therefore BAMIO S.L. NETWORK is the owner the entire world Bamio brand and bee that is part of this site.

We do not give any permission to use the mark or the bee in any website, television, paper, or any other media without prior written consent of Bamio and if only for the promotion of this site. We reserve all rights to use this website.

All trademarks of Bamio, logos, designs, text, images, forms, databases, software, headers, buttons, existing Bamio are trademarks or brand images of of national and international Bamio. Bamio does not give any permission and therefore it is forbidden any form of reproduction, diffusion, partial use in any type of support. Any infringement of these rights may lead to extrajudicial or judicial procedures, civil or criminal penalties that correspond.

As a user you warrant that you are the legitimate owner of the rights to broadcast contents, providing images and videos through the site and you yield to Bamio exclusively in theterms in the community legislation, national and international level, all rights of distribution, reproduction, modification (to adapt the editorial needs of Bamio ) and report the contents, images and videos.

For the content protected by intellectual property rights, such as photos and videosspecifically you grant us a no exclusive license, transferable, to be subrogated, royalty-free, global license to use any content you publish on Bamio. This license ends when you remove your content or your account except that your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted.

The User and / or others outsiders Bamio can not commercially exploit or spread, partly or fully, directly or indirectly, any brand, image, video, text, design, headings, contents that are part of Bamyan. Site The owner of does not grant you any permission to benefit directly or indirectly, with the intention of you profit or not, site without prior written consent.

At the effects of preserving any intellectual property rights, if as a user of this site or if you are outside the same and you feel that a violation of your legal rights, or others, the introduction of a specific content in the Web site, you must notify us that your rights have been violated by e-mail, indicating the following:

  • You must indicate us your personal data.
  • In case that the claim taken by any third different the person concerned, you must indicate the right to represent with the act.
  • You must indicate us the contents protected by intellectual property rights and its location on the Web.
  • You must prove the existence, ownership and validity of such proprietary rights.
  • You must provide us a written statement that you are responsible for truthful data and information you provide in the notification.

Conduct of the User

Bamio offers you a service forpersonal enjoyment and no commercial of the Site in accordance with the current legislation and the Terms of Use established at all times through this section and the specific rules of each service. Bamio if are entitled to promoting its products and services or third in all activity related to the Site.

By the fact of using the Site you declare that freely declare and warrant that the contents and information of all types to be supplied through your profile does not violate national and international legal norm, copyright or proprietary rights.

You make yourself responsible for all materials, contents and information you provide, store, transmit and declare that those entitled to do and you authorize BAMIO to suspend, remove at its discretion any material in violation of the relevant local, national and international levels without Bamio rise for assume any type of responsibility authorship on the mentioned material.

You agree that all time you are knowing of the Terms of Use and you declare to be informed of all general and specific rules of each service.

You agree to follow rules of Conduct that include between other patterns DO NOT any of the following actions:

  • Transfer files in any medium or form, that contain computer virus, worms, malware or any other computer threat that interrupt, modify, suspend, remove or damage the Bamio activity, its database, software, hardware and / or communications.
  • Publish, transmit, store or provide information and contents that can prevent the use of the Site by other Users or that impair or question anyrights from other users, from third persons unrelated to Bamio or may derive in any responsibility from other Users or from Bamio.
  • Publish, transmit, store or provide information and contents that result defamatory, abusive, illegal, threatening, or impair the rights from people, especially the rights at the honor, personal and family privacy, the own image and the rights of minors.
  • Solicit personal information to minors or solicit passwords to any user.
  • Solicit personal information , passwords or profile data, including the urge to other users or others to apply.
  • Identity impersonation, providing false data register more than one User account, register an user account in the name another person, another group or another community, public or private institution.
  • Make the actions of exaltation of terrorism, gender violence pornography of any kind (especially child pornography), harassment in whatever form, threats, money laundering or inciting to commit any crime.
  • Store, collect, publish, emails or other contact information and personal data from users or third persons of Bamio unrelated to by mechanical, software, or manual methods, to send unsolicited emails / authorized, advertising, commercial, emails “Spam”, cards, or any kind from illicit and illegal communication.
  • Store, collect, publish or supply information and contents that contain personal data from third persons personally identifiable information, phone numbers, addresses, national ID, Social Security numbers and bank account numbers, all of them which it is not its legitimate owner.
  • Store, assemble, publish or provide photos, videos or images that are personal and which have not been made ​​by the user or does not have copyright, diffusion or publication of the same
  • Use the service to send publicity invitations to forward character mass emails or repetitive to a plurality of people or send e-mail directions without the consent of its owner.

Data Treatment.

In order to comply with established in the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data of Spain, and the legislation which implements or complements, Bamio communicates to you the following:

  • The Information of personal character you provide become part of anautomatic file previously declared to the Spanish Agency of Data Protection.
  • You must register in order to access the services offered by Bamio and to access to the profiles of other users with you want socialize of any of the forms available and under the limits of existing privacy.
  • When you register and in other times , you provide to Bamio personal data. The purpose is to provide us this information as user login and to lend you the service.These data are incorporated into an automatic file in order to perform the service, to make communication relating to the service the newness offered by the Site.. Bamio offers you the ability to regulate these communications and therefore you can control which type of communications you wish receive. Access to "Settings " - "Notifications".
  • In order to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection law, Bamio offers you a service of receiving notifications so that you can access your personal details, amend, correct and cancel or oppose the processing of your personal data. You can practice this right by written request via e-mail, or directly access the "Settings " - "My Profile".
  • You answer to thetruthfulness and accuracy of the data that you give us and you agree to notify changes in personal information. Without this suppose any responsibility on the part of Bamio, we will verify the truthfulness and accuracy of your information, we reserve the right of not admit you or Unsubscribe your user profile in case you contribute us data is not true, falses, incompletes or inaccurates, without prejudice to any actions which we are entitled to practice according to the laws in force in Spain.
  • Once you have completed the registration process by completing the registration form, will have at your disposition a personal profile which you can identify. The personal data you have provided on the Site will be shared with other users under your exclusive control and safety on your terms. You can determine the security level, indicating if your data can see 1.- Only your friends, 2.- All of users, 3.- Only the friends of your friends, except your user name, you contribute the main photo and communities or events you participate. Access to "Settings " - "Privacy" - "Privacy Options".
  • Bamio puts to your disposition the possibility to determine the security level of your profile by default and to limit the information that is visible in the user profile to your networks, events, contacts .....
  • You should be aware and accept exchange your personal information at your own risk, and thereforeyou must configure your profile according to your needs and wishes, exempting to Bamio any responsibility or claim that may derive of this fact.
  • Bamio does not control the information that users transmit or share and therefore it does not responsible for the content of it. If Bamio is able to remove or suspend a profile by choice, at the request of the competent authority or for good cause by virtue of complaint from other users or third outside the Site.
  • Bamio may send you information about the service that you can be useful to socialize with other users, to participate in events from other users or to create your own events. In your profile you can control whether you receive information and notifications of Bamio however we reserve the right to send you emails or notifications, even if you have chose the option of not receive emails or notifications. Access to "Settings " - "Notifications".
  • Bamio is entitled to use your profile without identifying information and anonymously in order of offer you services you might be useful, promote events that might interest you or promote products or services of Bamio thought that might be useful. However the above, we do not provide information in your profile that identifies you, to providers without your permission.
  • Bamio can not control if other users or thirds store, collect or copy personal information of any user and therefore does not responsible for that fact.
  • In the case that Bamio receives a legal request to reveal user information in accordance to the applicable laws in Spain, Bamio will verify the legitimate and legality of the request and will provide such information to comply with the law, to protect the interests and properties of Bamio, to prevent a fraud or other illegal activity through Bamio or to prevent injury.

Publication of Profiles, Photos, Contents and Videos.

When you use and navigate in Bamio ,implies that you accept the Privacy Policy and the following provisions on publication of Profiles, Photos, Contents and Videos.

Publication of Profiles.

  • Bamio can not control all and every one of the profiles, contents, photographs and videos published, so that we can not guarantee the contents. Bamio must periodically carry out controls for ensure the principles of qualities of Bamio posted here.
  • You can publish content and personal information at your own risk of Bamio. Bamio puts to your disposition some privacy options that limit the access to your pages.However, none security measure is perfect and Bamio can not guarantee that the content you post it is not viewed by unauthorized persons. Bamio is not responsible for any violation of the privacy settings or security measures. Bamio is not responsible of your information stays visible on pages in cache, saved or copied by others contrary of the provisions of this Privacy and Terms of Use Bamio.
  • Recognize that you are the legitimate owner of all information, data or content contribute us to Bamio, and you grant to Bamio an limited and no exclusive license to reproduce, publish and adapt to technical needs of Bamio. This license you grant to Bamio at the global level do not produce any right to indemnification or financial contribution, and remains effective until you delete this information, data, content or proceed to the low of your profile.
  • In Bamio, we do not collect Personal Information of persons under 14.If you are under 14 you can not register or send any information, including personal data. If Bamio detects that there has been some under that age without the consent of their parent or guardian, will remove and will delete of its database this information immediately. If you find any information about a child under 14, you have the possibility of communicate by contacting the email.
  • Bamio recommended to the over 14 years and under 18 years to get the consent of parents or guardians, to exchange personal information and contents through this site.
  • The basic information of your user profile is composed of: name and surname, picture, email, password, city where you live and date of birth. You can complete your profile with your preferences and tastes and with a description. You can see your profile once you access your user account.
    Other users can access to your profile according to the level of security who ypu have applied to your user profile. Your name, profile picture and the networks you belong to or events created, will be available for other users to facilitate the general searches that your friends can find you and to send you a request to be a friend or join events have created. Go to "Settings " - "Privacy" - "Privacy Options. "
    In general searches will not be available to other users that have no relation with you, the rest of your profile information. Users that belong to your network of friends, or participating in your events if they access your profile information according to the configuration that is carrying out on your level of security. Being your profile information accessible by users of your networks, events, etc. can cause your profile information appears publicly. Bamio is foreign to this fact and therefore not liable for that to happen.
  • Your profile information that you share in Bamio as you choose and according to your wishes and you can choose the level of security you want and under your exclusive control.
  • BAMIO may remove the profiles that contain:
    • - Personal contact information such as phone numbers, email address or contact address.
    • - Sexually explicit language or sexual suggestions.
    • - Defamatory content, abusive, aggressive or violent.
    • - Offensive or obscene language.
    • - Blasphemy or racially offensive terminology.
    • - Sexual suggestions or nudity in pictures.

Privacy Set ("Settings " - "Privacy" - "Privacy Options")

In Bamio you choose different levels of security on your profile:
For this you need to access the section "Setting" and go to the section "Privacy. " Once you are in this section available to select who you want to access the action.

You can configure the level of privacy regarding:

  • Profile and messages: - You can choose who can see your profile, write in your profile, to send you private messages, view your contact list or chat with you. You can choose your friends or other users of Bamio.
  • Events: - You can choose who can view your private events, your public events or receive or not in the social area of Bamio. You can choose your friends or other users of Bamio.
  • Pictures and Videos: - You can choose who can view your videos and photos, post comments or view comments of your videos and photos. You can also choose between your friends or other users of Bamio.
  • As other users see me outside Bamio: - You can choose if you want your profile to be indexing by the searchers or not.

In summary you can choose the way in which other see you and if you'd like to appear information of your profile in searchers so other Internet users to locate you, and this election is your responsibility and must be in accordance with your wishes.

Photo Published

The photos you contribute to include in your profile, are designed to identify and distinguish you from other users (avatar).

Bamio does not admit the inclusion of any kind of images. A photo can be refused by different reasons:

  • By no correspond with the philosophy of Bamio. It shall not admitted photos or images from offensive content, violent, ideological, xenophobic, erotic, obscene and / or sexual.
  • For reasons of security and data privacy. It shall not admitted photos or images that contain information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, or URL of other sites.
  • By present visualization problems or be of poor quality visual.
  • By not has been charged correctly in the Web.

Bamio can not confirm the ownership of the copyright of images that you include in your profile. In case of show to a third person should have your express permission , and at your own risk. When you insert a picture in Bamio remember not to infringe any copyright the law, rights of intellectual or industrial property.

Bamio reserves the right to cut back (not manipulate) images to adapt to this policy of publication of photos. Bamio reserves the right to remove, without prior notice, images that, in his opinion, consider inappropriate to the objectives and nature of the site on their own initiative, at the request of another user / third or at the request of the authorities.

It is not possible the preview verification of all photos, Bamio is not responsible for users to publish photos on this website. All photos are subject to revisions and eliminations in the event of not complying with the objectives and the nature of this Web.

If you find in this website a photo that does not comply with this policy, please let us know.

Publication of contents.

You can hang up content in Bamio with the objective that other users or visitors of Bamio can access and use the same.

You recognize that you are solely responsible for your content that facilitates or transmit to other users and in this meaning you guarantee to be the holder of industrial property rights or intellectual in order to publish your contents you contribute to Bamio.

You guarantee that you have the right to grant and you grant a free license, revocable at the global level, in the legal limits, and free of charges to use, copy, publish, and distribute the content published in Bamio and make derivative works or incorporate the content in other works.

Bamio reserves the right to remove those contents which does not respect the specified in these Terms of Use, and Bamio, in any case, be responsible for your contents or opinions expressed by any user.

As an example, here'ssome contents that you can not transmit, distribute or make available to thirds in Bamio:

  • That incite or promote criminal, violent actuacions, or in general, contrary to the law, to public order, morality and good customs.
  • That incite or promote actuacions, attitudes or thinkings discriminatories by reason of race, sex, religion, age, beliefs.
  • That areagainst or violate the fundamental rights and the public freedoms recognized in the Constituiion and the rest of the current legislation.
  • That are contrary to the right at thehonor, personal and family privacy or image.
  • That are relevant to the competition sites publicity of Bamio.
  • That publicity isillegal, deceptive or disloyal.
  • That are protected by any law and you have not previously obtained from their owners the necessary authorization.
  • That cause difficulties in the normal performance of Bamio.
  • That violate the obligation to the confidentiality of communications.

Please abstain of accessing to your contents using programs, facilities or procedures other than those you have available in Bamio.

Publication of videos.

Bamio does not admit the inclusion of any kind of images / videos or links to the previous. A video can be refused for several reasons:

  • By no correspond with the philosophy of Bamio. It is not allowed videos of offensive content, violent, ideological, xenophobic, erotic, obscene and/or sexual.
  • For reasons of security and data privacy. The videos or images will not admit which contain information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, or URL of other sites.
  • By present visualization problems or to be of poor quality visual.
  • By it has not been charged correctly in the website.

Bamio reserves the right to cut back (not manipulate) the videos to adapt them to this policy of publication of videos. Bamio reserves the right to remove, without prior notice, those images or videos, in its opinion, considers inappropriate with the objectives and nature of the site on their own initiative, at instance of another user / third or at the request of the authorities.

It is not possible the preview verification all the videos, Bamio does not responsible for any users to publish videos in this site All videos are subject to revisions and eliminations in the case of not comply with the objectives and the nature of this website.

Bamio can not confirm the ownership of the copyright of the videos that you include in your profile. In case of show to a third person, you should have your express authorization and at your own risk. When you insert a video in Bamio remember not to infringe any copyright the law, rights of intellectual or industrial property.

If you find in this Web a video that does not comply with this policy, please, let us know.

Waiver of responsibility.

Waiver of guarantees and responsibility for the services borrowed by thirds through Bamio.

Bamio can contain links to other website sites. We recommend that if you visit other Web sites through links located in Bamio, read carefully the Privacy Norms and their respective Web sites.

Bamio does not control or guarantee the absent of virus or other threats in the services borrowed by others through this Web or that may cause damages in the users computer systems.

Bamio not guarantee the legality, useful and reliability of the services provided by thirds through Bamio and excludes all responsibility for damages and losses of any nature that may result from the services provided by others through Bamio.

Waiver of guarantees and responsibility for the use of the services and contents by the users in Bamio.

The service may be interrupted or not available for maintenance reasons or other causes. Bamio is not responsible for errors or defects, interruptions, delays in in performance or transmission of information, destruction of the information contained in Bamio, access it has not been authorized by Bamio or alteration or failure of User communications. Bamio does not responsible of any technical problem and computer systems, servers, failed connections, network failures, failure of email, mobile phone failures, including any that may damage the computer, telephone, or software of the user or third persons.

The delivery of the services that Bamio provides, in principle, indefinite duration. However Bamio is entitled to immediately suspend the service. This suspension or removed will not in any event be entitled to compensation. If it was possible, Bamio effort to warn the termination or suspension of any service or all of them.

Bamio effort to warn well in advance of interruptions that may occur on the functioning of the services always that it was possible.

Bamio does not guarantee:

  • The absence of mistakes or defects in the software and the contents offered.
  • The absence of virus or other threat as Bamio as the servers responsible for its maintenance.
  • The total effectiveness of safety precautions adopted by Bamio.

Bamio does not responsible for the conduct of any user of Bamio or foreign to Bamio or online or offline.Although in Bamio we set standards of conduct of the users, we do not control and therefore we does not responsible for the content that users publish, transmit or share in Bamio and we do not responsible of any obscene content, illegal, offensive or you can find in Bamio. Bamio does not responsible for any losses or damages which may cause any user.

Bamio does not guarantee the truth of the data that users provide about yourself in your profile.

Bamio does not guarantee that users will comply with the provisions of these Terms of Use, Privacy Help and law. Bamio excludes all responsibility by the damages and losses of any kind that may due to the use of the services and contents, pictures and videos that users provide and in particular, but not exclusively, for damages that can be caused by the substitution of the identity by a third person.

Conflict of interests and resolution of conflicts.

If any user, visitor, or third person considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal the illegality of any content, video, photography, profile Bamio or use, should get in contact with Bamio through CONTACT link, indicating the following information:

  • Claimant's personal data: name, address, telephone number, e-mail.
  • The allegedly facts or alleged illegal or illicit contents.
  • Signed Declaration of the facts you manifiest.
  • Copy of ID card or passporte

Warnings and notes.

  • We appreciate your comments and suggestions voluntary, but you must understand that we may use your comments or suggestions to improve our service without any obligation to compensate for this fact.
  • Bamio reserves the right to suspend or remove any comments or content that violates respect for the human dignity, which are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographicthat attack the youth or childhood, order or public safety or that it considers not appropriate for its publication. This suspension or withdrawal will not in any way any right to compensation.
  • Bamio will not be responsible of the opinions expressed by the users through forums, chats, contents, photos, videos or other participation tools.
  • Bamio reserves the right to refuse or deny the access to their websites and / or services offered without prior notice, on its own or a third users who violate these Terms of Use.
  • Bamio will pursue the breach of these conditions or any unauthorized use of their Web and subdomains exercising exercising all the civil and criminal actions you can correspond in the law.
  • You can only register once and you can only create a user profile. It is forbidden to create duplicate profiles, falses or stealing the identity of someone else.
  • For technical reasons Bamio can does not verify with certainty if a registered user is actually the person that affirms to be. Therefore, BamioBamio does not guarantee in any way the real identity of the users . So you should convince yourself of the identity of the other users.
  • The public name that you use as a nick or public name of Bamio may not contravene the rights of others: trademarks or trade names used by entities or companies in the market, or names under which, famously, to identify individuals. We note you that you can not use foreign names. Bamio reserves the right to modify the profile data (address and user name) or suspend it if it becomes aware of that will not can have supplanted the identity of a third through of this profile.

Outdoor publicity and third sites.

Bamio includes in its contents links with sites managed by thirds or others in order to facilitate the access to the information available online.

Bamio does not assume any responsibility for the links on this site, and external contents to this site. The links provided have a informational purpose and Bamio does not approve, support, market or has any relation with the persons or entities managers of these contents or links.

Law applicable and jurisdiction.

In the treatment of personal data of its users, Bamio complies with the current legislation in Spain and the European Union, in particular with the Law on Data Protection and legislation development. To this adopts technical and organizational measures necessary to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the personal data, given the state of technology, the nature of the data and the risks that are exposed.

The current legislation should determine the laws that govern and the jurisdiction should know of the claims between Bamio and the users of this website. Nevertheless, in those cases where existing legislation that provides for the possibility for the parts of submit to a particular jurisdiction. Bamio and the user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, subject to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Jaén (Spain).

General Provisions.

  • The Terms of Use and Privacy are an agreement between you and Bamio in relation with the use of this Web and replaced all prior agreements between you and Bamio in connection with the use of this website.
  • In the case that Bamio does not exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms of Use shall not constitute a renunciation of this right or disposition.
  • If any disposal of this agreement is declared invalid, illegal, zero or inapplicable for any reason, the the rest of the this agreement shall remain valid in all its aspects.
  • Bamio can cancel your membership status, delete your profile and any content or information you publish, for whatever cause or without cause, at any time exclusive choice of Bamio, with or without prior notice, including when we believe that you are under 14 years.
  • Generally, when you notify us convincingly, with a photocopy of the death certificate, that a user has died and that notification has been processed by a relative of the user, we will proceed downward the user profile and cancellation of their data.
  • We respect the rights of others and we hope that you to do the same in Bamio.

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